Hair Care

How to Get Gorgeous, Luscious Hair

Hair Dye

If the person is having dye done for very first and you see grey hair is hair length also you must apply dye on hair length along with roots.

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– Comb -All over so that the dye read that the dye spread evenly on each hair. Processing time – 30 -35 mins

– Rinse – Avoid shampoo immediately after hairstyle to prevent the color loss. Writes it with the plain water

– Conditioner – After that apply moisturizing conditioner off with plain water

– Retouch – The charge for retouch is less, we comb immediately after dye.

Note- First of all test the hair dye behind ear and nape. If there is no relation apply the hair dye.

Hair Treatment


Hair experts offer up some quick fix solution for those messy manes.

Oily Hair

– After shampoo, put a teaspoon of white vinegar and a few drops of patchouli oil into mug of hot water, and use this as a last rinse.

Dry Hair

– A hot oil treatment works wonder. Take a tablespoon each so castor, almond and olive oil. Heat a little and apply to your scalp. Wrap a towel dipped in hot water over your head for a 20 mins, before shampooing out


– Squeeze a lemon and add a tablespoon so sour yogurt to it. Keep this mixture on your hair for 20 mins and then shampoo out. Rub a few drop of castor oil into your scalp after shampooing to complete the treatment

Dandruff Pack

Take two whole red beet and grind to extract juice. Add the juice of a half a lemon. Add one tsp of castor or sea same oil to the juices and rub this mixture on your scalp every third day and two weeks.

– Scalp Massage – if there is a DRY dandruff give a scalp massage for 20 mins and good organic oil.

– If you have OILY dandruff no scalp massage. Apply Fuller earth pack on the hair. And rinse off with plain water with good shampoo

– Anti Dandruff Pack – Apply the pack to the type of dandruff, whether it is oil and dry. Yogurt and Medi powder (faro greet Seed) pack is for dry dandruff. Fuller earth pack is for oil dandruff.

– Rinse – rinse with plain water with Reetha or good quality shampoo and conditioner

Notes – If you are treating oily dandruff do not massage hair with any oily because hair already oily and the massage will activate all the sebaceous glands

Hair fall

Hair-fall– Only Oil Massage – Take a Luke warm oil and apply with cotton ball in the hair roots. Do not put undue pressure any kind of oil can be used such as olive oil,Amla, Coconut oil etc.

– Ozone

– Hair Pack – Make the pack according to the hair type and requirement. Apply it to the hair roots with a brush. 1 bowl yogurt, add 2-3 tab Methi powder (Faro greet seed). Blend it and mix well and put it warm place overnight for form rotation. Apply it with the help of brush in the roots. Put on a shower cap leave it for 40 mins. And the rinse with plain water.

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