Skin Care

Ban That Tan!

Cucumber off – Apply half grated cucumber mixed with 2tsp of milk powder and few drops of lemon juice. Keep till dry and wash off. Milk is natural softener and highlighter whereas cucumber cools and lights your skin instantly

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Lemony clean – Take 2tsp lemon rind and mix inn 2tsp basil paste, 1 tsp china clay and 2tp cold milk. Apply on face leave on till dry and wash off. Lemon help clean away the oil and grime.

Anti-tanning spray- Make yourself an anti-tanning spritz by boiling the peel of 2 oranges and 4 lemons. Once the water the water is reduced to half, and then adds ½ tsp of camphor powder. Store this decoction in the refrigerator and spray it on after any exposure to the harsh summer sun.

Instant Magic – Mix 2 tsp of oatmeal in ½ cup mashed ripe papaya and 1 tsp honey. Apply, scrub in lightly and wash off after 5 min.

Before a bath – Add a pinch of turmeric (haldi) to chilled yogurt and apply to face, neck and arms daily for 30 min before having bath

Go coco – Coconut water works magic for your skin inside out, but wait don’t throw it away just yet. Take the while fleshy part of a green coconut, work it into a paste in a grinder and keep it on for 15 min. Its natural whitening properties and will un tan you in a jiffy

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