Upper Lip
Side burn
Full Face


Eyes Only
Full Make Up/Party
Bridal Make up
$250 up
Bridal and Hair
$100 up


Blow Dry
$35 up
$40 up
$50 up
Hair updos
$40 up


Shampoo & Blowout Short
Shampoo & Blowout Medium
Shampoo & Blowout Long


Haircut Only
Cut & Blow Short
Cut & Blow Medium
Cut & Blow Long


Single Process
Double Process
$95 up
Hairline Highlights
Half Head Highlights
Full Head Highlights
Gloss With Service
Men’s Camo Color


Hot oil with ozone
$55 (30 min)
Hot oil with stones
$60 (30 min)

A scalp massage releases tension in the forehead and scalp areas, stimulating mental function. It is also a great way to help the circulation to your scalp and can serve as one part of a total nutrition and hair care regime to keeping your hair in good shape.

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50 mins. – $55 up

The ultimate scalp treatment consists of a soothing warm oil massage and a conditioning mask of yogurt, avocado, egg whites and special herbs. This treatment is designed to restore the body, sheen and softness to your hair and will help in repairing scalp disorders, hair loss and damaged hair. It is great for protecting, purifying and restoring natural health to the hair and helps the hair regenerate faster.


50min – $75

Shirodhara is a popular form of Ayurvedictherapy that is designed to relax people’s facial tissues and remove impurities. This process starts off with gently pouring liquids over the forehead. The liquids used in the Shirodhara process depend on what is being treated, but can include oil, milk, buttermilk, coconut water, or even plain water. There are several forms of Shirodhara and each form caters to a specific area of the face and involves different types of liquid. Please contact Styles by Mahima for further information.


30 to 45min – $55

Henna is a great natural coloring and conditioning treatment for the hair and perfect for anyone that desires to boost his or her hair’s natural shine or add a gloss to the hair. It was a favorite hair treatment for the ancient royalty of India and is still a favorite among the Indian elites and famous Bollywood actresses. It gives natural highlights to the hair, using subtle shades of red, brown, and black and can blend gray in a natural way and gives your hair a healthy natural shine. Henna can be used on all types and textures of hair. It also reduces hair loss.

Henna should be done several times – such as 3 to 4 treatments to achieve the desired color. For clients trying this treatment for their first time, Styles by Mahima would be happy to discuss in detail what to expect with the treatment and what henna to use for the client’s specific hair type.


Good skin care can make a big difference in the way skin looks and in the way a client feels about his or her appearance. Besides being very relaxing, facial treatments can offer many improvements to the appearance of the skin.

Proper skin care makes oily skin look cleaner and healthier, makes dry skin look and feel more moist and supple, and aging skin look smoother, firmer and less wrinkled. A combination of a good facial treatment and effective, individualized home care will show visible results.

Facial 50mins – $88 or 80mins – $125

Organic facial

Herbal dough facial

Herbal microdermabrasion facial with pouch (without machine)

Herbal microdermabrasion with machine

Indian Facial

Diamond facial

Gold facial

Sliver facial

Biotique (Ayurvedic Facial)

Ear candle with Ayurvedic – $ 65


20 mins – $55

A form of alternative therapy in which the tapered end of an ear candle is placed in a person’s ear while the other end of the candle is lit, in the belief that earwax and other impurities are drawn out of the ear canal by a partial vacuum created by the candle flame.


Face wax
$40 up
Arms (Hand Included)
Half Arms
Back and Chest
$55 up
Full Stomach
$21 up
Full Legs (Toe Included)
Half Legs




Polish Change


Booking Terms and Conditions –

To book your bridal makeup on your wedding date, a bridal contract must be signed and a non-refundable 50% deposit must be submitted 3 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Your appointment cannot be reserved without deposit payment (non-refundable). This deposit is deducted from your balance on the day of the wedding. On the day of the wedding, a further 40% must be deposit prior to any make up session. After all the make up sessions have been concluded, the last 10% will be collected.

Bookings for bridesmaids, flower girls, and other guests will be made only if the Bride has already booked a package and signed a contract.

Distant travel outside the Broward County area is negotiable at the time of booking. Client is responsible for ALL traveling fees and any applicable travel charges the artist incurs.

Trial sessions are non-refundable.