Groom Make-up

Natural skin oftentimes has an uneven color and texture, and is also slightly oily. This makes it shine unnaturally in photos. You wouldn’t want the groom to look bad in all the photos, when compared to the lovely bride. Men’s make-up is very natural and unnoticeable. It is regularly used for shine and sweat control. If concealing is required, it covers up dark eye shadows, fatigue, blemishes, red spots, as well as the “bluish effect” of a darker beard. Unlike in ladies’ make-up, men’s make-up only covers skin imperfections, without highlighting the eyes and lips. Moreover, a lot of men are too excited and the adrenaline, which is released, makes their ears and cheeks turn very red and some may start sweating. The groom, standing next to the bride, with perfect skin, may look not very good. Having make-up is a matter of the man’s personal choice and is not compulsory, but if you would like to look well, like a Hollywood star, you should opt for it.